Prices for private or group classes

-all ages-

Private Beginner 60 min. 

55 €

Small Group Beginner 90 min.

up to 5 students

35 €

per student

Private Advanced 60 min. 

75 €

Small Group Advanced 120 min.

up to 5 pre-professional or professional performers     

55 €

per student

Larger Groups

workshops for companies, professional and amateur actors groups, acrobats, street-performers, dancers, stand-up comedians etc.

price and time upon request

Scholarships are available for all ages and levels

please ask for consideration

We kindly ask you to pay for our services weekly prior to each class commencing.
Please understand that we can only accept cancellations up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Thank you.

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                or call/text +43 (0) 664 437 60 66