Nihon Buyo, Japanese (Kabuki) Dance, is an artistic expression of the Japanese philosophy of life. Since its emergence more than four hundred years ago, this dance form has developed on the stage of Kabuki theatre. Today's Nihon Buyo dance style frames flawless, accomplished aesthetic body movements within the proper sense of Japanese tradition, which serves as a nourishing soil for the "flower" (quintessence) of the dance. This art form blossoms in the context of Japanese culture and incorporates various elements of Japanese history, society and values. Given this, Nihon Buyo dance can be understood as a culturally conditioned aesthetic form; however, it is absolutely possible that the traditionally rooted dance continues to develop in the present day because each dancer is associated with a society or set of circumstances which do not remain still, but are imbued with life and breath in the here and now. It is thus important to establish a new aspect of the dance, creating and adding a new value of artistic sensitivity. This corresponds to my personal feeling about life as a dancer with spiritual roots in traditional Japanese dance, but whose life and creativity take place within a European environment. For this reason, my projects present not only traditional dance pieces but also new ideas, aiming to add a new context to traditional Japanese dance - namely, an encounter between east and west in the manner of presentation, whether making use of European music or different dance styles. These cultures form a balance when matched and/or merged, sometimes with caressing closeness and sometimes at a cooler distance. And yet my aesthetic imagination returns again and again to my artistic roots in traditional Japanese dance.

Eiko Hayashi was born in Fukuoka, Japan, and grew up in Tokyo.

At the age of six, she began her training of Nihon Buyo (dance of Kabuki) at the renowned dance companion and school, Azuma-Ryu (Azuma-school). At the age of 18, she achieved the degree of Natori (master) obtaining the artist name, Shizuka Azuma . In Tokyo, she took part in numerous dance performances on the stage as a member of Azuma-Ryu.
During her study of German and French language and literature at the University of Constance (1992 - 1999), she began to perform Japanese dance related to the traditional Kabuki Theater in Europe. Since then, the idea of combining this Japanese dancing tradition and European music crystallized. Nevertheless, from time to time, the artist still returns to her artistic roots, that is to say the traditional Japanese dance of Kabuki. 

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